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We treat our clients like family, not a number. Our reviews show it.
We work hard 24/7 to get you what you want.

"Trustworthy and Dependable Attorney"


I was in considerable pain from a car accident and had to live in excruciating pain on a daily basis. I was still in considerable pain for over a year. Lara listened to my problems and was able to promptly refer to pain management to help me manage my pain so that I could have a better quality of life. She was also able to help me receive a settlement at the maximum of my policy limits. I was very happy with Ms. La Voie and her ability to obtain a very generous settlement. I would hire her again!!!    ~Client

"Best Attorney Ever!"


My boyfriend and I were involved in an accident. We were referred to Duane by a friend of ours and I am glad we chose him as our attorney. Not only did he keep us informed the process of the claim but he would check up on us constantly to see how we were doing. To make sure we were ok. He truly cares about our well being. We would highly recommend him!   ~Karla


"Gives Personal Service That You Can't Get At Any Other Law Firm"


Lara gave me personal service when I was in a really bad accident in my work truck on the job she dealt with all the difficult people from my employer to the at-fault insurance company that did not want to even cover my out of pocket medical expenses. LaVoie & Kaizer got me a far better settlement than I expected. They are not like all the other firms that make you just another number in their churn and burn operation. Lara even hand delivered me my settlement check.   ~Pauli

"Great Service Affordable Prices And Easy To Contact" ​


After being hit by a drunk driver Duane Kaizer took my case and got me the best results possible in an extremely timely and quick manner he initially told me a time frame of about six months however after seeing the results of my MRI And the fact I had damage done to my disc in my back Mr. Kaiser wrote a very strong demand letter and the insurance company settled for the max in just weeks he also negotiated down what I owed for physical therapy thus maximizing my payout. This was all great however what impressed me the most was the ease to contact him he was available to answer questions at any time of day or night and no question everyone on answered nor did he make you feel uncomfortable asking he also has a paralegal who works extremely hard and does a great job as well I would and I have highly recommended Duane to several people and will always continue to due to the great experience I had.   ~Charles

"Knows Her Profession And Looks Out For Her Client's Welfare"


Lara was instrumental in getting me a larger settlement than I was originally offered. I was ready to settle and she talked me into letting her try and get a better offer to settle my case. I trusted her and I'm glad I did. I put myself in her hands and let her handle the entire case and she settled for more than twice the original offer. I couldn't have been more pleased and I would recommend her to anyone needing a personal injury.   ~Jim

"The Best!"

It was my first experience in a car accident which was really scary and I had so many questions and I probably drove him crazy asking [Duane] so many questions but he was so kind and understanding and very responsive to all my needs. If I had to change my schedule or needed a different doctor, he did all the leg work and everything worked out smoothly. I was always told these things take forever, but I was very pleased with how quickly my case was handled and I was as happy as I could be with the result. He understood the pain I was in and I never felt like just a number. He even checked on me when it was all over so I know it's not just about the money for him and his firm. In a nutshell, very easy to deal with, and fast friendly results during a very rough time for me. Thanks to him and his firm for everything!!   ~Carter

"Great Lawyer! So helpful"


Duane has been such an incredible help to me and my family in a difficult time. I was in a car accident and had a TFCC tear in my wrist. The first medical place I went to was no help and kept billing my insurance. Once I met with Duane he immediately referred me to a doctor that actually helped me. He was so thoughtful and kind through the whole process and actually cared. He was able to settle all my medical bills, acquire proper compensation and help me find proper care for my Injury. I would highly recommend him to anyone!  ~Christina

"Excellent Attorney"


Lara LaVoie was very helpful, trustworthy and did her best to answer all my questions and concerns.   ~Destiny

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